Friday, 2 November 2012

Day 2 - A trip to Paris

On the second day of our trip to France, the decision was made by the group to trip into the little known town called Paris. This gave rise to many potential issues, such as how do we actually get to paris!? What train do we get!?

We got the right one!!!

Girls being girls sought popular tourist attractions, such as the louvre!

Sam and myself decided to seek a quieter example of parisien life....

Accompanied very nicely by....

After sampling the french cuisine, it was decided a walk was needed! So we rang the girls and arranged to meet them at the eiffel tower. This would have been easier if they had not told us the Eiffel tower was near the isnt! Some hours later, with sore legs...

Thus concluding  a great day in Paris with a more than picturesque moment, more trips maybe required!

Au Revoir

Henry :)

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