Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 1, Sam

As we eventually all met at Manchester airport it was clear we were all abit nervous about the trip. Me, Charlotte and Henry had a beer each to help settle our nerves. We boarded the flight and soon we were on our way. Air France were kind enough to include free refreshments and biscuits during the flight which we were all pleasantly surprised about. We got through a bag of boiled sweets that Chelsea had brought with her as we all were suffering with our ears popping and Fern and Charlotte played Sudoku to try and distract them from the flight. After an hour and a half we smoothly landed at Charles De Gaull. After swiftly getting our luggage we headed to find Pauline who greeted us and took us to the taxi that would take us to our apartments.

We put our luggage in a separate van and boarded the taxi, we were then heading out of the airport zone and onto the motorway, which to our dismay was very congested due to rush hour.  I was excited looking out of the taxi window at the different road signs and I pointed out the old concord that is mounted on stilts just outside the airport. As we went along the motorway we also spotted the France 98 football stadium, and we had noticed how many of the high rise flats had neon lit company logos on the top of them. We caught a tiny glimpse of the Eiffel tower and we decided we would go to Paris the next day.

When we got to our apartments we checked in (though my and Henrys room only had a double bed- a mistake that would later be rectified), Pauline told us that she could take four of us to the supermarket to buy some amenities. Me, Henry, Chelsea and Cally agreed to go. Me and Henry bought typical lads essentials, microwavable pasta pots, eggs, cheese, and beer!..  Me and Henry watched abit of The Simpsons on his laptop after realising all of the tv channels were in french, had our pasta pots and a couple of beers and then we headed over to the girls to see they had cooked a big pasta meal complete with Olives and Salad!. It was agreed that I could stay on the girls sofa bed and we all went to bed eagerly awaiting our day out in Paris...

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