Friday, 2 November 2012

Bonjour! Salut! Bonne Journée!

"I'm in France!"


 "I wish I'd ordered Wine..."
"... Me too."

Our 1st day was a lovely one. A casual walk around, surrounded by art, music and SUNSHINE!!


Day 3

 We were sent to meet our new workmates, all of which are very accommodating but speak as much English as I do French.

Luckily for me, Horticultural practice seems to be universal,
But communication still seems like one long game of charades.

Listening and trying to communicate with everyone around you in a different language is exhausting.
But with so much practice, I hope I can say that I'm slowly improving.

One of the guys, Frederic, who came from France to England has let me borrow his guitar for the duration of our trip. Life is good.

01 Nov

"Le Modern- Piano Bar"
After the owner of the place noticed I bloody loved it he asked if I'd like to have a play of the piano... "Non, non, merci beaucoup..."

"You have to, who else can say they've played in a Peruvian Piano Bar" - Chelsea.
So after a little bullying, I got up, played badly, and sat back down again. HA. 

The End.

02 Nov

Today I went trawling the streets of Paris ALONE. Alot more daunting than I thought it would be.  
There were hitches before I even started, all were language related.
I felt very small.

But I found the notorious 'Shakespeares Bookshop', visited a beautiful chapel, and also found a Vinyl shop where the guys in the shop let me play on records and cd's and told me of other artists to look up! I'll definitely go back soon, I think I made some amis :)!
(photos yet to be developed)

Signing out, Cally.

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