Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Last Week in France by Charlotte

Désolé!! (Sorry!!)

There has been a gap since my last blog due to technical difficulties!

So here is a quick summary of last week...Myself and Fern tested out the local doctors due to not feeling too well this turned out to be our worst nightmare ever as there was a doctor and a dentist within the same building block!

We are slowly making a full recovery!!

Last week I bought many souvenirs for my family and friends back home and this was very hard as some items were clothes so I used my initiative and tried them on for myself to take a rough estimation whether they would fit the person intended for (and yes I did this for the male items as well).

 On Saturday we all headed into Paris to buy the last of our souvenirs and then I cooked tea for myself, Fern, Chelsea and Henry.

 Sunday we decided to head into Notre Dame to visit the cathedral which was beautiful I then bought a new suitcase to travel home with and was proposed to off a random man in the street...eventful day I would say!!

Sunday evening myself, Fern and Chelsea went to watch the latest Twilight in the cinemas in English with French sub-titles we were all rather proud of our selves as we could understand the odd sentences. Due to me and Fern being so emotional yes we almost cried and shouted at the cinema screen!

Monday we all headed into work followed by a relaxing night in the apartment.

We have a busy week planned this week for example tonight (Tuesday) we are all heading to Pauline's tonight for a meal and to hand her, her thank you presents that we bought on our lunch whilst spotting Pauline in the supermarket and hiding from her!

Wednesday evening we are going to go and test the local bowling centre so we can see who is really the best!

Thursday we are planning to head into Versailles and then the evening will be sent packing with a early night ahead.

Friday morning we are planning to be up nice and early to finish packing our last things and to head to reception to meet Pauline who is going to look after our cases until the transfer later in the day. We are going to then head into Montigny where we are going to enjoy our last few hours in France as a group and have our final group meal!!

I can safely say this experience has been amazing and I would suggest anyone to take the leap into life and finding out who you are and what you are actually capable of...I was shocked and am glad I have been able to have this experience.

Thank you to everyone who helped this happen.

Merci Beaucoupe!!

Love Charlotte xx

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