Saturday, 10 November 2012

Settling Into French Life, Week 2 - Charlotte & Fern


Here we are the end of week two, another eventful week in Bois d'Arcy.

Saturday we decided to have a girly chilled out day as we were both feeling slightly homesick...So we headed into Montigny where we went shopping and bought face-masks.
We then returned to the apartment where we slapped on our glorious masks...

Sunday Fern and the other girls decided to head towards Paris...took them longer than they expected as they decided to get the wrong bus...DESERTED. They then only had one hour to spend in the Louvre Museum before being asked to leave. Once they returned home we all had spaghetti bolognese which I (Charlotte) had been cooking throughout the day.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we enjoyed participating in our job roles at Hotel De Ville (Town Hall).

Wednesday - Fern's BIRTHDAY. We celebrated this event in style as we knew that Fern has never been away from here family and friends around her birthday as Myself (Charlotte) and Chelsea decided to decorate the apartment for her and buy her a very special birthday cake. That evening the whole group went out to the Curry House in Montigny that the boys had earlier tested for us.

After the meal we all found a local brasserie and went for a few drinks before returning home.

Thursday, we decided to have a wonder into Paris where we decided to journey to the top of the Eiffel Tower. What a beautiful view it was from up there.

 After braving the Eiffel Tower we decided a treat was necessary...

Friday night we just spent relaxing the apartment watching films in bed.

Saturday we both decided it was time to find the local laundrette where we couldn't understand what to do so a very kind gentleman who didn't speak any English helped us to figure out what we was to do...He practically did our washing for us.

We then returned home to eat some very traditional...HOT DOGS :) we then spent the rest of the night in bed watching films and relaxing ready for another busy week ahead.

Merci Beaucoup

Love Charlotte and Fern x

Bonne Nuit :)

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