Friday, 2 November 2012

Week One...Let Loose In France - Charlotte and Fern


After finding Fern stranded outside the airport and running to her rescue we set forward to attempt baggage drop off and passport control for the first time ALONE...

Once landing in France we met Pauline our French Host we set forth to our luxurious apartment...

Sunday we decided to head out to Paris which was an experience in itself just trying to board the right trains and buses. We managed to get to the Train Station easily the issues then arised trying to buy tickets and finding the right train. We managed to get on the train jumped off scared and then it turned out to be the right train...TYPICAL!

On arrival in Paris we set out to the Louvre Museum where there were singing birds all around! 

We then decided it was time to head in the direction of the Eiffel Tower...FURTHER AWAY THAN IT LOOKED! After walking for about 2 hours to the Eiffel Tower we stood under the amazing land-mark knowing that one day we are going to have to go up the tall metal structure.

Monday time for our Work introduction...

Monday evening we decided it was time to complete our first major food shop...this was fun for us as we didn't know what some of the foods were and spent the time looking at the pictures! Kiwi turns our to be called KIWI...WINNN:)

The result of the all the girls individually food shopping..

Tuesday was our second day at work where we wrote down any questions we had for Pauline about our job roles and queries about the Hotel De Ville (Town Hall)

Wednesday we decided to do some group bonding, instead of being on the streets on the night of Halloween SPOOKY

Thursday was a bank holiday in France so we decided to set out for a Haunted House in Paris...the other guys all chickened out when it got to queuing :) So we both got scared whitless just waiting in line to enter the Manor...Monsters grabbing you from behind, crawling, jumping and screaming whilst walking around a compressed space...Its safe to say myself and Fern dreamed about them monsters all night long. Watch out for the Le Manoir De Paris blood chucked and holy water drenched.

Friday we decided to complete another major food shop and spend the day just relaxing :)

We will be back soon to keep you updated...

Love Charlotte and Fern :) x

Avior :)

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