Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Back to normal life


So my last week in France was great, we went for a meal at Pauline's house, where myself and Fern tried SNAILS...I have personally decided I won't be ever trying them again.

We went to the beautiful Versailles legs were very very sore afterwards. After visiting the Palace myself, Fern, Chelsea, Henry and Sam all enjoyed a nice game of bowling and pool. I WON BOWLING (had to get that in there).

I can safely say it was very emotional saying bye to France I must admit I shed some tears whilst in the mini-bus on the transfer back to the airport.

On our last day we decided we would go for our final group meal to Buffalo Grill (delicious), we then headed back to work where we said bye to everyone (we even said good-bye the French way - Kissing on the cheeks).

I can safely say I miss being in France, the people are so friendly! I have said I would like to go back again for the Christmas Market and to say hello to my friends at work.

I would advise anyone who would be given the experience to take it as you will treasure it forever.

Merci :)

Au revoir / Goodbye

Charlotte :) x

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